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Create the perfect gift box, or gift basket. From beautiful crafts, to good foods or flowers. At Gift Seeker we can help you find the best gift to give from you.


Discover a range of New Zealand’s best food baskets and boxes. From those with a sweet tooth to companies that specialises in just the right foods for a persons healthy diet


Need some new ideas. At gift seeker we have searched out a whole lot of little known gifts that could really make a big surprise.


Want to send flowers but looking for something a little more unique. At gift seeker we can help point you in the right direction.

There are some great online store now In New Zealand to get great gifts delivered to your door, or to surprise friends and family.

  • If you are thinking about food, for a cousins who is a vegan, low sugar, no nut kind a girl then you can try ¬†food compass online.
  • If were wanting ¬†flowers that you can eat and made of chocolate then try out edible blooms.
  • For a guy that isn’t socks, how about trying out not socks

Great Ideas for Baking

Do you know someone who loves to bake. When it comes to healthy baking it can expensive why not surprise your Mum with a baking hamper containing ingredients you know she would love, but never goes and buys.

Most bakers use white flour. It tastes nice but is cheap. What has become popular is almond flour. You can see why people often don’t buy it at $20. But its expensive because it is made entirely from almonds. Almond flour is great for bakers into gluten free baking.

Gifts For Chocolate Lovers

Some of our favorite chocolates are Pana. If you haven’t heard of them you should take a look. Taste delicious but without all the sugar. If you love hand crafted chocolates then you could also try Devonport hand crafted chocolates